Adult Transformational Voice

Adult Transformational Voice

Do you feel as if life is passing you by…….???   (Want to do something about it?!)

Are you an adult, in your twenties, thirties, forties, and even into your seventies and eighties (and so forth!) who still longs to sing, maybe has sung (maybe not), who feels life is passing/has passed you by, perhaps, and who may finally be getting up the nerve to do something about this unfulfilled desire that you have (and may have had for many years……)?

I know there are some of you “out there,” hobbyists or not, who do have this desire, the desire to sing and express, but who may not be fanning its flame……

I teach voice to people in their teenage years and up, but I am also and especially reaching out to adults who think it may be “too late,” or for whom this is an unfulfilled passion, or who simply need an outlet, or who were told as children “you can’t sing”….and so you didn’t!

Sometimes this work can look like remedial work, and that is just fine with me because your brain can always grow, and grow some more from learning a new skill set, and music engages the entire brain(!). Sometimes you might be pleasantly surprised at how much you can already do, when it comes right down to it, even without having studied voice, or how much raw talent you may have and how much you can actually grow from this instruction (almost everyone has got some amount of raw talent, even if turns out it is in another area!)!

But…….you will never know…….if you don’t try!!!

I call this kind of instruction transformational voice because when people actually pick up the gauntlet to do something about a long-held desire, such as this and then find there are things they can (perhaps surprisingly) learn and do, it actually is transformational!

There is nothing quite like the sense of accomplishment and newly acquired self-esteem you get from doing something, perhaps for the first time, that you thought you never could, or would do! And then whole new vistas can open up in your world…..

As a singer, and teacher & coach of singers, myself, I was musically fortunate – I came into this life with a lot of musical DNA. I have been singing practically since I was an infant! The musical DNA in my family lineage manifested, in my case, with me eventually getting a degree in voice performance and singing in 3/4 of the world! Singing is almost like speaking to me…..but have I also suffered from all of the ego traps we all know such as “I’m not good enough” “there’s always someone better than me” and “I’ll never make it as a singer…!” Yes, of course, constantly. It didn’t help that I came through a highly dysfunctional upbringing and have spent the rest of my life learning to heal and to be a healthy (relatively!) functioning adult!

Singing has, for me, been the one consistent thread throughout my many decades on this planet, that has pulled at me time and again to “try and try again,” even to the point of continually re-inventing myself as a singer, an instructor, and a coach! In one of the coaching courses I am currently taking, the instructor made a salient point: “If you were to pass out of this life today, what would you most regret? That is a clue to your purpose and passion in your life today.” For me, that would be a sense of not having done what I wanted to do as a singer (which I, perhaps like you, am currently working on remedying). For you, it might be that you spent your entire life not daring to do something your soul whispered to you that you should…..and that could apply with almost anything, and not just with singing!

If any of this description resonates with you, I encourage you to reach out and take some action steps, even if they are just “baby steps,” no matter what your age and situation, and what society or family and friends may have (erroneously) told you about “what is possible at your age.”

I teach about the voice, but I incorporate the wisdom of the innate breath, something that also opens many doors to possibility. We live in a world where so many things are possible, so why not be a part of your own fantastic possibility?

I teach from my Longmont home and have reasonable tuition plans (three months/12 lessons/prepaid, for $480; 4 lessons/month prepaid for $180; if you come every other week, $108 prepaid; or if you come for ‘one ofs’ it’s $60/one-hour session). The first, or initial session, is a no obligation, approximately 1 1/4 hr. long intake and assessment session, and is $65 prepaid.

Students and/or guardian of a minor are asked to complete and sign an intake/questionnaire/agreement form prior to first lesson. A sliding scale may also be available, depending on your circumstances and desire to study.

My background in studying the breath and alternative healing as well as my current practice of Reiki energy work assists me in creating a safe space where you can come and be supported in this very delicate and personal process, that can allow you to blossom in ways you hadn’t thought possible. If this sounds like it might be for you, please contact me first via email to schedule a time to talk…..

CAVEAT/NOTE TO PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS: I am currently accepting for in-house studies only those students who have chosen to remain as a part of the “great unjabbed” population. Being an unjabbed individual, myself, and having studied the less than desirable aspects of these shots (hastily foisted by monied and other interests upon an unsuspecting population) I have great compassion for those who have taken one or more jabs. Nevertheless, I remain committed that I will work in person only with the unjabbed, until there is more known about this phenomenon known as “shedding” which, sadly, occurs from the jabbed to the unjabbed. I am choosing to avoid this possibility for the time being, by setting this boundary. You are, however, welcome to study with me online, and may wish to inquire, as I do have several students who are among the jabbed, and who study remotely!

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