Please initially contact me by email. Please include your phone number and a good time for me to call you.

My email address is:

I am located in SW Longmont, Colorado, close to the junction of Airport and Nelson roads.

My hours of business are Monday to Saturday, 10:00 AM to 8:30 PM with my last appointment of the day starting at 7:30 PM.

CAVEAT/NOTE TO PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS: I am currently accepting for in-house studies only those students who have chosen to remain as a part of the “great unjabbed” population. Being an unjabbed individual, myself, and having studied the less than desirable aspects of these shots (hastily foisted by monied and other interests upon an unsuspecting population) I have great compassion for those who have taken one or more jabs. Nevertheless, I remain committed that I will work in person only with the unjabbed, until there is more known about this phenomenon known as “shedding” which, sadly, occurs from the jabbed to the unjabbed. I am choosing to avoid this possibility for the time being, by setting this boundary. You are, however, welcome to study with me online, and may wish to inquire, as I do have several students who are among the jabbed, and who study remotely!

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